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Indeed, when the enterprise has developed to a certain stage, in order to achieve sustainable development in a competitive market, enterprises must have a correct strategy, good organizational management ability and a team of professional ethics, and talent is undoubtedly the foundation for the development of the whole company.

Only by selecting good talents can we develop well through the division and cooperation of excellent teams and the implementation of effective market strategies. As the leading supplier of network equipment in China, the human resources training that is deeply convinced is mainly directed against three categories: R & D personnel, customer service personnel and market personnel. In 2008, the company formally co operated with internationally renowned Human Resources Inc to develop a scientific talent quality model. By clarifying the requirements of the company strategy for talent capability, we believe that we can select talents who can promote the company's strategic development in talent recruitment. There are three stages of training for the recruits:

Career planning

For newly recruited employees, the company will conduct different skills and cultural training according to the characteristics of the post. The human resources department has issued a standardized system process, organized a professional lecturer team, developed targeted courses, and carried out all aspects of training for new employees in basic knowledge, product knowledge, professionalization and corporate culture.

With the foundation of post skills and career orientation, the company will initially plan personal career development plan according to the individual's ambition and ability in work. For R & D personnel, Shenxin provides technical experts and technology executives with dual channel development path. Technical experts mainly attack technology development and innovation, solve technical problems; technical executives are good at grasping the project direction and product planning, leading the team to complete the development task; similarly, for customer service personnel and market personnel, Shenxin also provides two directions for training talents in the direction of business and management.

The three parts of the work are decomposed into core quality, professional post quality and leadership quality, and different training methods are applied to the right people. If the tutorial system is adopted, the training of the same type of talents will be improved rapidly. For those skilled in the main line of technology, the company continuously strengthens the post capability and achievement pride of technical talents through systematic technical training, practical project experience accumulation and learning among technical cattle. For those who take the technology management route, after accumulating considerable technical capability, the company will train them to lead the R & D team, lead the project operation, communicate with customers and market colleagues, accumulate their ability to control projects and products, and continuously improve their leadership.

The above career development plan is not static. Through the process of selecting, training, appointing, using and improving education, companies and individuals constantly adjust their career development direction, so that companies and individuals can choose the best way of development.

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