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How to distinguish the quality of solar street lamps?

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Many people are worried about the quality of solar street lamps before buying solar streetlights. Once they are used for a long time, they will be in trouble. It's a headache.

First, we should get acquainted with the components, and the detailed varieties of the components should be relatively more. There are battery parts, solar battery, solar controller, light source and so on. Therefore, during the selection of solar cells, we should also deliberate on the material, color difference, charging current, open circuit voltage and transformation yield of photoelectric panels. And in the choice of battery time, we should have a detailed understanding of the model, discharge rate, environment and so on. Although the choice of controller is held, we should know the waterproof function.

There are many kinds of street lamps sold in the market, the price difference is also very large, the quality is also good and bad. How can we choose the time of purchase when we do not need to spend money? Because there are a lot of lawless elements, some poor quality materials will be used for processing and production, so the quality of street lamps produced is not guaranteed. It is very urgent to distinguish the good and bad environment from the time of purchasing the solar street lamps in Urumqi.
Second, while holding the choice time, we should also have a detailed understanding of the legislative environment. Many manufacturers, the products produced in the lighting time, the corresponding chaos is not so strong, the reason for panic is the existence of the corresponding problems in the legislative room. Standing room function is one of the most urgent indicators in black and white. Therefore, it is very urgent to get acquainted with the corresponding functions of the vertical room. This article is made up of Solar street lamp manufacturers Provide sorting.
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