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Three ways to reduce the cost of solar LED street lamps

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Professional today LED street lamp Manufacturers share three ways to reduce the cost of solar LED streetlights.

To reduce costs, there are only three ways. The first is to optimize design and improve efficiency, the second is to change configuration and reduce cost, the third is to increase luminous efficiency and reduce power.

1, the first is the optimal design. For solar cells, efficiency increased by 3~4% from ~2005 in 1980, so the room for improvement is very small. 1~2% is expected to be 15~16% in 3 years. The efficiency of the controller has reached 0.975 in China and 96% in foreign countries. The improvement of space in the past two years is only 2~3%, and it is impossible to reach 99% and 100%. For the efficiency of lamps and lanterns, the power of solar energy is low power, below 50W. The sodium lamp test of domestic 50W is 60~70%, energy saving lamp, high voltage lamp and metal lamp. Because of the energy dissipation of the electronic resolution device, most of them are damaged by electronic resolution devices while LED lamps and lanterns are excluded.

2, for several low-cost configurations, one is the low cost of resources, the solar cell configuration is reasonable, but the experimental value is very small, when people leave the lighting, the power storage part is very small, lighting less than eight hours a day. The second is that the solar cell is small, and the control battery is also small. The third aspect is that solar cells are small, and batteries are large. They are two. Although the first 10 days can guarantee that one day will not be able to generate electricity, it will brighten up. The fourth is the low power configuration, although it is light, but it can not be guaranteed to eight hours.

3, the space of the system design is very small, and the low cost control affects the quality. The conventional light source will improve in the past two or three years. The conclusion is that the cost of solar system will be greatly reduced by conventional technology. What is the design idea? It is to improve the luminous efficiency, that is, the third schemes mentioned just now. Improving the luminous efficiency is equivalent to reducing power. Reducing power is equivalent to reducing cost. Therefore, improving LED efficiency is another way to reduce costs. From the point of view of network engineering, on the basis of 70 lm/w, LED's luminous efficiency is increased by 15%, and solar energy cost can be reduced by 10%. Improving the luminous efficiency has little impact on the system, because the lighting quality will not be reduced, the total optical drive volume is almost the same, the cost of solar energy is obviously reduced, the battery is reduced, and the battery bracket, maintenance and battery panels are all decreasing. The increase cost of efficient LED is only 10%~15% if it is well controlled. If you want to select LED, the same luminous efficiency = the same lighting power, that is, 1W=320 yuan, we must reduce the power. According to the different LED measured at home and abroad, although the optical efficiency is 100 lm/W, the strain irradiance is 30~40%, which is called the question like value.

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