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Why is the price of solar street lamps so expensive in Yangzhou?

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Many people now feel that the Yangzhou area is Solar street lamp price It's too expensive, much more expensive than before. Today's Xiaobian manufacturers of high pole lamps give you a reason for the high price of solar street lamps.

Solar street lamps are assembled by all components, and the price is the sum of the price of these components. Usually these components comprise the following contents.

1, solar street lamp controller price

2, solar street lamp panel price

3, solar street lamp battery prices

4, solar street lamp battery box price

5, street lamp pole price

6, street lamp and light source price

7. Price of embedded parts

8, built in wire prices

Any of these factors, any price change, will lead to fluctuations in the price of solar street lamps. This is a free match according to market rules and needs. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can contact our online customer service in time. They will give you a more detailed solution.

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