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Solar street lamp The requirements for poles are suitable for primary utilization. Therefore, we also need to manufacture electric poles produced by solar street lamp manufacturers.

The electric pole of solar street lamp is made of steel, the raw material is international standard Q235, low silicon, low carbon, high strength, wall thickness 5 millimeters, bottom flange thickness 16 millimeters. The ratio of pole structure and root structure is calculated according to the shape determined by the customer and the structural parameters of the manufacturer. The earthquake resistance grade is 6, and the wind resistance grade is 8.

After the installation of the solar monitoring rod, the bidirectional straightness of the rod is checked by theodolite and the linearity error is 1. The vertical rod of the rod is cone-shaped, and all octagonal tapered rods have no deformation and distortion. The roundness of the rod is 1 millimeters. The surface lubrication of the rod is very common, and there is no transverse weld. The blade scratch test (25 square millimeter) has strong adhesion and is not easy to fall off. Seal the column and wrap the top to prevent moisture from entering. Waterproof internal leakage method is reliable.

The appearance and size of the lamppost meet the needs of users. The appearance is harmonious, beautiful and generous, the color is uniform, and the diameter of the steel pipe is reasonable.

All rod welding processes have no leakage welding, neat weld, no welding defects, passivation treatment after galvanizing, good adhesion of spray coating, thickness 65 mm. Choose high quality plastic powder.

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