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How can outdoor lighting be suitable for installing solar street lamps?

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    There are also two kinds of outdoor fixed lighting, the city circuit lights and the solar street lamps. In general, as long as the sunlight can shine, the solar street lamps can be used. However, some friends are always hesitant to install solar street lamps for the sake of other factors such as cost, lighting duration, lighting intensity and so on. Let's take a look at what aspects we can consider.

(1) is the power equipment perfect? Http://
Although China is now doing household electrical connection, it is only in the individual family, and outdoor lighting is far from enough. Therefore, the installation of outdoor lighting must first consider whether the power equipment is perfect.
Before the traditional city circuit lights are installed, they must first lay the cable, which involves the excavation of the cable trench and some other foundation works. The solar street lamps do not need these works, only dig a base pit, and it will cause much trouble. Therefore, if the power equipment is not perfect, the outdoor lighting equipment should be the best solar street lamp.

For areas where power equipment is relatively perfect, city circuit lights or solar street lamps can be selectively installed.

Two) what is the continuous rainy weather?
Installing solar streetlights, I believe many people are worried about the question of how to store enough energy if they do not provide enough lighting at night. Therefore, when installing solar street lamps, we must continue to consider this problem.
      Generally speaking, when the solar street lamp is charged with electricity, it usually can maintain the illumination time of 3~5 days. For most areas, the illumination is long enough. Therefore, installing solar street lamps is suitable for most areas. In order to achieve better lighting effect, the power of solar panels, battery capacity and other configurations should be appropriate to meet the requirements of lighting. Demand.

Three) are we looking for green alternatives?
In many aspects of our life, we advocate green and environmental protection. Lighting is no exception. Therefore, when choosing outdoor lighting, taking into account your factors, choosing solar street lamps will be more appropriate.
      First of all, this street lamp is powered by solar energy, and it has only one pole alone. It is not like the city circuit lights. There are also a part of the electric energy that will be wasted in the cable and save more energy. And the solar street lamps are generally equipped with LED light source. This kind of light source will not protect the air, such as carbon dioxide and other air pollutants, during the working process. Environmental Science.
The advantages of solar streetlights are manifold. Generally speaking, the installation of solar street lamps can be installed in the places where city circuit lights are installed. Installing solar street lamps in troublesome areas of urban circuit lights is also convenient and economical.

Of course, if the weather in the area is too extreme, you can choose to install the city circuit lights.

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