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Development of LED street lamps in 2020

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With the elimination of incandescent lamps, LED lights are fast and superior. The development of energy saving LED street lamps is mainly used in lighting of roads, squares, wharves, ports, parks and other places. Its lighting is characterized by large illumination and high lighting intensity, and the same lighting materials are also required.

2012 China LED street lamp The total output will reach 1 million 220 thousand, an increase of 79% over the same period last year. As the most important part of LED street lamp, LED street lamp driving power will also develop rapidly along with the rapid promotion of LED street lamps in 2012. It will be an opportunity for LED street lamp driving power enterprises with technological and financial strength as support. It is predicted that by 2020, the share of LED in China's lighting market will reach 80%. China will become the largest LED lighting market in the world with a market scale of over trillion yuan. In the 1-12 month of 2011, the output of lamps and lighting fixtures nationwide was 2 billion 500 million. 2012 is the 2 billion 800 million set, and by 2016, the output will reach 4 billion sets. The market demand will be expanded from 2 billion sets in 2011 to 2 billion 400 million sets in 2012. The market demand in 2016 is expected to exceed 3 billion 500 million sets.

The development of LED street lamp now has dozens of products, but the development of LED street lamp is still continuing. LED street lamp products will develop towards the direction of energy saving in the future. According to the analysis of the current situation of street lamp LED street lamp, we can see that the prospect of LED street lamp in the future is very good. This shows that this is a good development opportunity.

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