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Do you know what the choice of solar street lamp controller is?

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It is very mature in technology to produce solar street lamps. Recently, the new apprentice is not very knowledge-based on the knowledge of solar street lamp controllers. This is not the time for engineers to quickly learn the apprenticeship and spend some time on the relevant knowledge of solar street lamp control.

The solar energy street lamp's Weiyang street lamp controller is an important condition for the life of the solar street lamp. If the solar street lamp control choice is good, then the solar street lamp can really have no one to control. First of all, the controller's problem is discussed. The controller occupies a very low proportion of the total solar street lamp system, which is usually around 120 yuan to 200 yuan. It seems to be a small object, but it plays a very important role. If the choice is not good, the stability and service life of the whole system will be greatly reduced, and a relatively mature controller can also pass through. Over work is used to reduce the cost of the whole system and achieve the purpose of saving money.

Among the lamps and lanterns used in solar energy, the LED lamp is the most suitable to complete the output of different power through pulse width conditioning. Limiting pulse width or limiting current, at the same time, the duty cycle of the LED lamp is stopped. For example, a single 1W LED7 string 5 and a 35W LED lamp are discharged at night, which can stop power conditioning at night and early morning respectively, such as turning into 15W at night, adjusting to 25W in the morning, and locking the current, so that it can satisfy the whole night's lighting and save battery boards and power storage. Pool allocation cost. Through long-term experiments, it is proved that the LED lamp with pulse width conditioning mode has much less heat generated by the whole lamp, and can extend the service life of LED.
Some Solar street lamp In order to achieve the goal of saving electricity at night, the lamp factory makes 2 power sources inside the solar street lamps, and closes one power at half time to complete half the output power. However, the theory proves that this method will only cause half of the light source to decay first, the brightness will not be divided or the light source will be damaged sooner. What are the nursing problems?
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