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What skills do LED street lamp purchase?

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With the increasing maturity of technology, some high-power LED light sources have been able to meet the needs of ordinary street lamps. Especially with the advent of nano street lamps, it can meet daily needs. Normally, nanomaterials LED street lamp The maximum power can reach 100M/W. When choosing LED street lamps, it is very important to understand the specific shopping methods.

When choosing, we should understand the problem of street lamp weight. LED street lamps are related to high technology content and relatively complicated composition. Some high-power lamps usually exceed ordinary high street lamps.

First of all, we must consider the luminous efficiency, and the higher the luminous power, the better energy saving effect. This is one of the most important indicators when choosing LED street lamps.

Secondly, we should understand the corresponding situation of light degradation. Some businesses will be inferior if they want to get more profits and lower production costs. Usually we choose some LED with less power, and these lamps have stronger light fading ability. Therefore, for a street lamp that needs to be used for a long time, we should choose some street lamps with relatively poor light decay.

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