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Analysis of causes of solar street lamps failure

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In recent years, solar street lamps are more and more popular and popular. With the long life of street lamps, there will be some minor faults. Today, we will introduce some ways to deal with the failures of solar street lamps.

First, the solar street lights are flashing and the brightness is not stable. For this reason, first of all, the replacement of lamps and lanterns, if the replacement of lamps is still flickering, it can be ruled out the problem of lamps and lanterns. At this time, we must check the lines.

Second, solar street lamps can only persist for one to two days in rainy days. There are two main reasons for this. Solar battery charging is dissatisfied. Solar battery charging is not the reason for solar energy charging. First of all, observe the recent weather conditions, whether it can guarantee charging 5--7 hours a day, if charging is only 2--3 hours, this is normal. Please rest assured that it will be used. In addition, check whether the battery is aging, and the life of the battery under normal working condition is 4--5 years.

Third, the solar street lights stop working. When the solar street lights stop working, first check whether the controller is broken. The reason is that the solar controller is broken and repaired in time.
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