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Traffic integrated rod 2

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Product introduction

Rod body: the lamp pole is equal to the octagonal material structure, the appearance is beautiful and generous. Rod hot galvanizing, 20 years without rust (surface can be sprayed plastic treatment, color optional).

Rod height: 6800mm.

Arm length: 5000-18000mm.

Main stem thickness: flat octagonal, wall thickness 5-12mm.

Cross bar thickness: flat octagonal, wall thickness 4-10mm.

  Yangzhou Chuang Chuang photoelectric Group Co., Ltd. Division is the key backbone enterprise of Jiangsu urban road lighting industry. provincial level "Heavy contract and trustworthy enterprise", "metrology qualified enterprise", "quality trustworthy enterprise", "Yangzhou executive standard excellent enterprise" and "AAA" grade credit enterprise. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and the national "CCC" compulsory product certification. EU imports and exports CE, ROHS and other authentication It has three level qualification and safety production license for urban and road lighting engineering. company Specializing in the production of various high pole lamps. LED street lights, solar street lamps, landscape lights, garden lights. And traffic signs.     

Yangzhou Chuang Chuang photoelectric Group Co., Ltd.                           

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Address: Guo Ji industrial concentration area, Beijiao, Yangzhou, Jiangsu.

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