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Intelligent street lamp 2

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Product introduction

Intelligent street lamps, also known as intelligent street lamps, or intelligent street lamps, intelligent lighting, are using the Internet of things and cloud computing technology to upgrade the urban public lighting management system to realize centralized control, operation and maintenance, and intelligent lighting.
The public management platform based on 5G and Internet of things technology is combined with high technology such as LED. The intelligent street lamp (also called intelligent lighting) is mainly composed of four parts: node controller, centralized controller, video vehicle detector and cloud control center.

The functions of the product are:
Through various kinds of terminal equipment, the street lamp loop or single lamp is controlled in real time at the system operation interface, and the timing task is executed according to lighting strategy. Remote control: switch lights and dimming lights for any one, one way or any custom group. Visual manipulation: provide the coordinates of each lamp's specific latitude and longitude, allow each lamp to operate on the map, and complete the function of turn off, turn on and turn on the lights. The fault alarm information of each single lamp can be displayed dynamically on the map, providing more than two kinds of mainstream map support; Mobile terminal monitoring and management: users can manage lamps and lanterns by mobile terminals such as mobile phones and pad, with functions such as fault reminding and location, real-time query of luminaire parameters, and so on, so as to achieve mobile office and mobile management. It can release the timing task, control the switch lights regularly, and adjust the lights in different periods.

When the street lamp fails, the lighting equipment fault system will be reported to the business system automatically. The business system will be alerted according to the type of alarm information through SMS warning and e-mail warning. Management of centralized controller, node controller and other equipment information, including input, modification, deletion, query and other functions.
Intelligent road lighting is an important part of urban lighting. At present, the global environment is deteriorating, and all countries are developing clean energy. With the rapid growth of the national economy, the contradiction between energy supply and demand has become increasingly prominent, and the shortage of power supply has begun to exist. Energy conservation is an urgent problem. Therefore, the development of new LED street lamps with high efficiency, energy saving, long service life, high color index and environmental protection is of great significance for urban lighting and energy saving.

     Road lighting is closely related to people's production and life. Along with the acceleration of urbanization in China, LED street lamps gradually enter the field of vision with the advantages of directional lighting, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response, high earthquake resistance, long service life, and green environmental protection, and become the most new generation of energy saving light sources in the world which has the advantage of replacing traditional light sources. Therefore, LED street lamps It will become the best choice for energy saving transformation of road lighting.
There are many styles of street lamps, which can be categorized as:
1, according to the height of street lamp: high pole street lamp, middle pole lamp, road lamp, courtyard lamp, lawn lamp;
2. According to the material of street lamp pole, hot-dip galvanized iron street lamp, hot-dip galvanized steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp.
3, according to street light source: sodium lamp, LED street lamp, energy saving street lamp, new type Xun Ming xenon street lamp.
4, according to the form: Chinese lantern, antique lamp, landscape lamp, single arm street lamp, double arm street lamp.
5, according to the power supply mode: City circuit lights and solar street lamps, wind and solar complementary street lamps.

Yangzhou Chuang Chuang photoelectric Group Co., Ltd. Division is the key backbone enterprise of Jiangsu urban road lighting industry. provincial level "Heavy contract and trustworthy enterprise", "metrology qualified enterprise", "quality trustworthy enterprise", "Yangzhou executive standard excellent enterprise" and "AAA" grade credit enterprise. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and the national "CCC" compulsory product certification. EU imports and exports CE, ROHS and other authentication Have Safety production permit Urban road lighting professional contracting level, municipal engineering general contracting two, lighting design grade A and other qualifications. company Specializing in the production of various high pole lamps. LED street lights, solar street lamps, landscape lights, garden lights. And traffic signs.     

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