The company is committed to the development of road lighting industry. Yangzhou Chuang Chuang photoelectric Group Co., Ltd.


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    Yangzhou Chuang Chuang photoelectric Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Yangzhou Chuang Chuang photoelectric Co., Ltd., belongs to the group: Yangzhou Chuang CHUANG Group. Is a design, research and development, manufacturing, installation, service integration of outdoor lighting production and manufacturing enterprises. There are subsidiaries of Yangzhou Chuang CHUANG Group: Yangzhou Chuang Chuang photoelectric Group Co., Ltd., flying Europe Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Fei Europe Amperex Technology Limited, China Chuang CHUANG Group (R & D) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Chuang Chuang network media Co., Ltd., Yangzhou City Chuang Chuang Logistics Co., Ltd., Yangzhou City Chuang Chong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Meili sports fitness. Ltd., Gaoyou City Chuang Chuang maternal and Infant Products Co., Ltd., including 1, 2 and factory of Yangzhou Chuang photoelectric Group Co., Ltd. Solar street lamp , High pole lamp , R & D, production and sales of traffic lights, landscape lighting fixtures, photovoltaic power stations and new energy lithium batteries. The company is located in the high tech Industrial Park of Gaoyou, Jiangsu.

The company owns street lamp processing and testing instrument. equipment We have experienced solar street lighting products R & D personnel, product and technical personnel and perfect after-sale guarantee system. Urban road lighting contract qualification There are two factories, 200 employees in the factory, more than 20 people in the market, more than 20 people in the market, and the factory covers an area of 20000m2, and has 60 redundant sets of production equipment. Among them, the 1200T large bending function is processed at one time to form 15 meters of steel rods, and other numerical control die casting machines; high speed longitudinal shear; automatic submerged arc welding machine; submerged arc welding gas welding; welding and flaw detection equipment; plasma cutting machine; seam sewing machine; straightening machine. Machine; spray production line; nano spraying production line; large oven; stainless steel production equipment; punch; lathe; planer; drilling, bending and other equipment.
    The company has always been adhering to the spirit of innovation and pioneering spirit, has been committed to the development and development of new products, and continuously absorbs the advanced manufacturing technology, processing technology and management concepts of the same industry at home and abroad. With strong financial strength, complete production capacity, talents and product quality, it participates in the competition of road lighting construction projects at home and abroad, and the sales network throughout the country is well received by users.
The company has now become the focus of the development, design, manufacture, sale and installation of road lighting fixtures, and has won the national model. Dozens of patents. In order to adapt to the needs of the new situation and new environment, and in line with the principle of combining lighting and environment harmoniously, lighting and beautifying, we have developed various kinds of landscape lighting products with different shapes, aesthetics and ornamental value. The main varieties are: Solar street lamp , landscape lights, garden lights, lawn lights, ground lamps, Lifting type high pole lamp Tapered, polygonal variable diameter steel structural poles, electric railway transmission poles, traffic indicating signs, flagpoles, various types of light source electrical appliances, and electrical appliances such as ballasts, flip flops, light controlled time controlled switch boxes, etc., can be widely applied to lighting of outdoor roads, wide fields, stations, wharves, courtyards and other places. In the face of the fierce competition in the market, relying on the business strategy of "scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented, integrity and win-win", based on product diversification, solidarity and courage, we strive to create a brand of the same industry.

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